The story of May Tan.This story happened after The Red Ptramid.

Chapter1 I met my first monsterEdit

None of this would have happened if My mom agreed for me to sleep at my friend's house.I wouldn't have met Jacob or remember Sadie and Carter.

"May bisita ka May!!!" My mom called from the kitchen.I immidiately change my clothes and went downstairs.I was wondering who my visitor was,he has curly brown hair and tan skin.Even though I don't know him,he seems familiar to me.

"May! I'm so glad you still live here,or else I would be running around Manila asking where you live."My first thought was who the hell are you? Why would you want to find me?Are you a stalker? but instead all I said was"Um....Hi. Who are you?"

Before he can even answer the doorbell rang.I went outside and saw Philip.He was my classmate,the guy who was known for his quiteness.(He never spoke!!)I let him in.

Then everything changes.

Philip turn into a ....lion or is he a tiger?with a serpant tail What the hell??? "What's that?"I asked to no one in particular."I don't know either."Carter answered.Fortunately mymom knows"A Chimera.May di kay tue hi ge sword." What sword? "Where mom?"I asked."Ti eka"

Do we have a basement? No! Why did mom say the sword was downstairs? What does she means?A metaphor?Maybe not. I drag Carter towards the stairs."Abra Kadabra?"Nothing happened.

Carter recite some words that probably means open,cause a door about 6ft.tall came out of nowhere and open

Chapter 2 The Sword.Edit

I went in without hesitation, dragging Carter withme. I been here before.I know this place.Then I remember a distant memory.

"Auntie,What is this place? "asked Sadie."This is our secret basement don't tell anyone okay?" "Yes,Auntie"Sadie and Carter said in Unison."Mama,what is that?"I asked pointing to a sword."That my dear was a gift from your father."4 year old me asked"Papa?" My mom answered "No,its from your real father."Being a four year old I just nodded.

I remembered now why Carter is so familiar,He's my cousin.This room was the secret basement."Carter,do you remember your first visit here when you were 6?" ' he shook his head "When Sadie was 4!!! Carter!Remember!!"

I tried to remember.Where was the sword?Where is it?then Carter yelled"It's over there May!"We found the sword!!!! I hold the hilt.And went back towards the Chimerame.