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Uadjet, Unlike most goddesses didn't look at all...weird or scary. She looked almost kind, sweet, and caring like a Greek Goddess. She had jet black hair. She looked at me and smiled.

"Hello, Holly." Her voice was musical.

Uadjet was sister to Nekhebet, Togeather they were known as Nebti


Uadjet's original home and chief cult center was in the Delta marshes. As her sister Nekhebet was the motherly protectress of the pharoah, so Uadjet was his aggressive defender. When Isis was hiding in the swamps with her baby Horus, Uadjet came to help her protect him.

In art, Uadjet appeared as a cobra, sometimes winged and crowned, and sometimes as a snake with the face of a woman. She was the uraeus (cobra-shaped symbol of sovereignty) that appeared on the headdresses of the Egyptian pharaohs. She figured prominently in the coronation ceremony and in the underworld, where she endowed justice and truth and destroyed the enemies of the deceased. Uadjet was the goddess of the fifth hour of the fifth day of the moon.

Uadjet was first a local goddess of the city Dep, became a part of the city Per-Wadjet (House of Uadjet), a city that was very important , in the Predynastic time in Egypt. She was the protecter of Lower Egypt. She was also the goddess of Upper and Lower egpyt which made her close to Irsis in the world of Acient egypt. Her oracle is kept in her temple in Per-Wadjet (House of Uadjet, Which really was a whole city). Unlike the Greek Orcale of Apollo, Uadjet’s has hard to understand phropchies.

The Going Forth of Uadjet is celebrated on December 25 in Egypt with chats and songs about Uadjet. Another festable is held Apirl 21 and June 21 and March 14 which means there is about four celecrations held in honor of the goddess, Uadjet (And yea, All this info is REAL!!!).

When Irsis was hiding Horus, Uadjet came to protect the mother and her child. She was also liked by all gods and goddess of all nations of the world. She is metioned in USA, Greece, Italy, Russia, Germany, Rome, and countless other places all over the world.

I sometimes think of her as a Artemis of Egypt because she was kind and caring. She was trusted by the house of life too

Fool's GoldEdit

In Fool's Gold Uadjet is the mother of the three egyptian Demi-Gods Sin, Dice, and Akirya Van 'Deuu. She plays a medium\minor part. Her love is a magician named Jeb and he is also the father of her children there fore, They see each other alot. Uadjet also teached Zia just about everything she knows. She also took in Zia's sick daughter, Mia before she died in the early book, Fool's Gold.