Percy Jackson stepped aboard at Bus #3 and scanned the area to search for any possible monsters, and the signal was clear: nadà. With a sigh of relief, he started to walk to the back seat of the bus. "Percy!" Came a familiar voice. He looked at wear the voice had come from, and saw his 2-year-long-girlfriend, Annabeth Chase, wearing the school's uniform, her blonde hair tucked away in a ponytail, her grey eyes beamed at the sight of Percy, he grinned at her.

He walked past the two well-known Marcus Pedric and Craig Augustine. Those two were well-known rugby players, and they both had reputations of having to date all of the female students of Goode High School, and Marcus was dating Katja Austine.

Katja was born to a Czech Republican mother (who was a red-head) and Apollo - Percy knew this since he saw her always at Camp Half-Blood - , she had strawberry-blond hair and blue eyes, she had a pale complexion, but lots of people found her pretty. Anyways, rumors said she had a crush on Percy, Annabeth heard of it - heck, she knew very well people thought Katja was his girlfriend instead of Annabeth - and was personally annoyed with her,

He sat right next to Annabeth who was looking eager for him. "Hey," He greeted as he kissed her forehead. She nudged him as she rolled her eyes.

"Ha-ha, Seaweed Brain," She said playfully and rested her head against his shoulder, he really did shot up in height, and sighed, "Last year before college, Seaweed Brain, don't mess up, yeah?"

Someone snorted from afront, "Yeah right, Annabeth. How could he possibly pass if he can't even see our wants?". He stood up and looked on who had spoken about his possible failing.

There sat Thalia Grace, wearing the school's uniform, obviously annoyed, still looking 15 like before. Her silver tiara was instead used as a necklace, her Aegis bracelet still there, her lightning-designed backpack scrunched on the floor."Pinecone Face, again?" He snorted, "I thought you were out hunting wild rabid boys?" She stuck out her tongue at him