This is Anthony's story. My expierence in the House of Anubis.

Chapter 1: A Death at the NeedleEdit

We only have a few hours, so listen carefully.

If you're hearing this story,you're already in danger.My sister, Mia, and I might be your only chance. Go to school. Find the locker. I won't tell which school or which locker, because if you're the right person, you'll find it. 13/32/33 is the combination. We are a special kind of people- we are demigods. My dad and me had just flown right into the Heartflow of L. A.. My dad is a powerful god. He is the god of mysteries. He wants me to find out where Anubis is since his disapperance.

Chapter 2: An Explosion For PresentsEdit

Hi again, it's me Anthony Edwards. Me and my classmates are at the National Museum in Paris, London. In fact I've been in more museums! The flat surface of the stone wall was chiseled with three distrinct bands of cursing and writing. Dad raised his hands. He chanted: "Wo-seer, i-ei". There was a big explosion of presents that pelted me then everything went black.

Chapter 3: I Fight a Police OfficerEdit

When I woke up, I was interrogated by police. [Stop Mia, I telling the entire story not you.]. My rottweiler dog kept on biting the ugly,rude police officer. The officer got up and pushed me through a glass door. I took the gun and ran. The chief got shot by the rogue officer. I shot the bazooka, making a explosion. The explosion sent me flying in the air. I automatically collasped as a hooded figure came toward me.