Katrina Cahill has lost her sanity 6:00, January 12, 2012 (UTC) - This is the life of a heroine named Rachel

Chapter OneEdit

The year 168 B.C. (take note that the name has been kept confidential)Edit

Rachel went under the falls of the Amazon baths - a bit offshore of Greece lands but was still counted as Greek territory - while her sisters played with water. Despite the warm water on her skin, she still felt cold, despite the beautiful scenery of the falls caves.

Something's not right, not right. She thought, even though she didn't know what it was.

Rachel went out of the falls to find her sisters playing with water while others sharpened their arrows for their hunting. She could have felt ashamed for being naked, but heck, there was no one else here but Amazons.

She dashed to get her clothes, took it, and went to hide behind a tree to get dressed. Her clothes were a chiton with a leather belt at her waist to hold in a sword she had. She went out of her hiding and sat on a rock near the riverbanks.

"Kinzie, are you done yet? We need to hunt soon, before its dark." Rachel said. (Mind you, but this isn't the Kinzie in Son of Neptune.)

Kinzie rolled her jade eyes, "I believe, Rachel, that this world was meant to relax, not to worry on such things as the dark."

"Besides, Rachel, we should be a bit lazy, we've been working hard all day, we at least need a day off." Meredith said.

"But--" Rachel trailed off as rustling of the bushes was heard.

Chapter TwoEdit

The year 168 B.C.Edit

Rachel stood up as she took her sword in hand. "Who's there?" She demanded as she crept forward to the bushes. She gripped her sword tighter.

She held out her hand as her shoulder was pulled back by Meredith. "Rachel, its not safe for you, stay back." She warned.

"Why is it because I'm the youngest? Stop treating me like a child, Meredith, you yourself came here when you were 15, and besides, if I was too young, why would I have came here to join in the first place?" Rachel demanded.

She hated being called the youngest, but truth to be told, she was. The others teased her as if she was an amateur, but they were always tongue-tied after she won in a duel.

Meredith let her go as she threatened to hit her with her sword.