Seshat is an original character in the fanfiction The Record Keeper, but she was based on an actual Egyptian goddess.

Seshat2 copy

Seshat's modern form.





Thoth (husband, brother, father) Ma'at (sister)




5,000, 23 (appearance)

Eye Color

Brown (goddess form), green (modern host)

Hair Color

Black (goddess form), dirty blonde (modern host)






Goddess of writing, architecture, astronomy, astrology, wisdom, math, and history


In mythology, Seshat was Thoth's sister or daughter then she became his . In some variations, she's just the female version of him.

In 1924, Seshat's human host was eaten alive by ducks but she reformed rather quickly and accidentally took the form of a library book where she was forced to spend 87 years with it as her host. One day, she managed to get a human host, but she found out that she can't use magic in that form.


Seshat's modern host is a short (she barely reaches Thoth's shoulder), kind of chubby woman who appears to be in her early twenties (her host's identity is unknown). She has a hook nose that appears in every host she has (she blames Thoth) and green eyes. Like Thoth, Seshat has blonde hair, but that's just a coincidence. Seshat prefers to dress in smart casual clothing as long as it covers her body. She ussaly dresses in animal clothing like cheeta or leopoard.         

Seshat3 copy

Seshat as a goddess

As a goddess, Seshat was a lot taller and thinner. She had long black hair like most of the goddesses, and a long orange dress and a long red cloth tied around her hips.


Even in ancient times, Seshat didn't like contact with other people. She's rather obsessive compulsive and has a bad habit of correcting people's grammar and spelling. She's very agoraphobic and prefers to stay in small, dark areas (she currently lives in Thoth's storage closet). She's easily annoyed and doesn't have much experience with talking with other people. She's morbidly afraid of ducks because of her death, and other birds seem to hate her as well (one of Thoth's ibises tried to attack her).


Like Thoth, Seshat has the ability to turn her words into physical things. By writing the name of a location or an object on a piece of papyrus, Seshat can turn that into a portal or summon that object. She can also write and read every language, but she can't speak them or understand it when other people are speaking them (her abilities are limited to the written word). Unfortunately, Seshat can't use any of her powers in her current host.


Thoth-Even though they were husband and wife in the past, they mostly act like brother and sister. They seem supportive of each other, but Thoth often teases her because of her height and Seshat is often annoyed by how sporadic he can be sometimes.

Khonsu-Seshat thinks he has something personally against her (this coming from him thinking that she is secretly siding with Chaos). The two dislike each other.