Seraphinus Rashid
Physical Description
Hair Color:Dark Brown

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  • Fire Magic:
    • Heat Resistance:
  • Scrying:
  • Hieroglyphic Spells:
  • Divine Words:
  • Magical Persuasion: By lacing her words with magic, Seraphinus can force her opponents to talk to her.
  • Portal Summoning:
  • Healing Magic:

Path of Khepri-Ra Edit

  • Comet of Khepri: By channeling the power of Khepri-Ra, Seraphinus can summon a miniature comet of fire at her opponents by thrusting out her hand. She is able to use this spell multiple times in the row without the risk of dying before she runs out of magic.
  • Khepri's Shield: Seraphinus channels the power of Khepri to produce a shield that resembles a scarab shell. She is able to produce a larger variant of this to protect her and her allies from larger attacks though this consumes all of her magic.


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