Sadea Attierra
Sadea Attierra
"Look, Carter. You're not pulling me out of this. These people here, it's like I've met them from before. Like I should know them. You may be the only ones I have left, but that doesn't mean I'm leaving my life from before."
Vital statistics
Title The Girl with Two Lives
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth May 1995
Age 18
Gender Female
Family The Attierras (family)

The Kane siblings (adoptive)

Specialty in Magic Necromancy
Path of the Gods Anubis
Status Alive
Eye Color Wisteria
Hair Color Curly shoulder-length brown
Height 5'10
Affiliation The Kanes

The House of Life

Ability Necromancy; Combat
Home The 21st Nome
Appearances The Girl with Two Lives
Creator User:Katrina_Cahill
Sadea Attierra is a Path of the Gods student who learns the Path of Anubis.



Not much is known about Sadea, although it appears she has amnesia from a battle of something recent. All she remembers is that her last name was Attierra, she had a family, and when she was a little girl, a boy of 16 gifted her with the power of necromancy.


Sadea is a girl who appears to be bubbly and preppy. She's highly intelligent and her IQ is above 160; although she can be quite idiotic at times.


Sadea has wisteria eyes and