Ruby Kane II is the daughter of Carter Kane and Zia Rashid.

Ruby Kane II


Ruby Kane

Date of Birth

December 25, 2016


Carter Kane
Zia Rashid
Sadie Kane-Stone
Walt Stone (Uncle)
Amos Kane (great-uncle)
Julius Kane (grandfather)
Ruby Kane (grandmother and namesake)
Jasmine Stone (cousin)
Alexander Faust (great-grandfather)
Mariel Jane Faust (great-grandmother)




Ruby was born to Zia Rashid and Carter Kane on Christmas Day. This was the day her grandmother died, so her fahter named her after his mother. She lived in the 21st Nome with her parents and older brother, Amos Julius Kane and her uncle and aunt, Walt and Sadie, the Stones. On her twelfth birthday, her four grandparents and Desjardins came to visit her.


She and her brother and cousins were chosen to fulfill a task: find the Greek gods and their heroes and unite with them. They first journeyed to Camp Half-Blood and met up with their leaders. They explained the co-existance of the Greek and Egyptian gods and other whatnot.


Aftwerwards, she met Nat Tritder, who eventually became her boyfriend.


Good List: Carter Kane, Zia Rashid, Sadie Kane, Walt Stone, Amos Kane II, Jasmine Stone, and her family.

Bad List: Set, Apophis, the ghost of Vladimir Menshikov.


To Be Continued!