Rachel Muileh
Rachel Muileh
"These dreams. . .they're too real."


March 21, 186 B.C.


2030 (Real age)

18 (due to her immortality)




Apollo (father)



Hair Color

Black hair (dyed)

Blonde (naturally)

Eye Color

Blue (originally)

Chocolate brown (darkened)




A khopesh named 'Ultor' (Roman for 'Avenger')


The Greek-Egyptian

Rachel Muileh is a daughter of Apollo and a mortal woman in the year of 186 B.C. eighteen years before the Romans invaded Greece

Physical FeaturesEdit

Rachel Muileh (2)

Rachel before her hair was dyed and eyes darkened.

She has blonde hair which was dyed with black and blue eyes (which darkened until it was light chocolate brown) lined with kohl. Her height is 5'7.


She is usually angered expression as if to say I-really-wish-I-weren't-here-right-now. But deep inside, she is scared and confused, as if to say she is lost. Her eyes would usually show off her espressions easily. She is caring over to vulnerable children.


Born on March 21, 186 B.C. to Apollo and a mortal woman.

When she was 15, she joined the Amazons to be a female warrior, and when she was 16, Artemis made her as a Huntress secretly, making her gain immortality as long as she swears off to boys, but Artemis eventually saw her future and took the swear-off-of-those-guys away since it would affect her greatly.

She was 18 when the Romans conquered Greece. She fled to Egypt and the magicians took her in. Since then, she was a magician.

As she remained young and yet the world grew around her, she has soon forgotten her life as a Amazon and a Huntress, but these memories were haunting her in dreams.


Her name, Rachel was her adopted name in the 1800s, her real name was lost because her magician name was 'Advey' which is like 'advent' because they believed she was a human made by Khnum with immortality.

Her last name, Muileh, has always had been her last name, it is 'helium' backwards, which makes the sun besides plasmas.


  1. Apollo - she was once close to her father, but when the Romans invaded Greece, she lost trust at him.
  2. Her mortal mother - she had an unbreakable relationship with her, but her mother died after she fled.
  3. Amazons - she considers them as her 'lost sisters'.
  4. Huntresses - she does find them a bit amusing but does not like the rule off of boys.
  5. Artemis - she considers her as her 'life-saver' because she gave her immortality to stay young outside and inside,
  6. Magicians - she finds them amusing and considerable, when the Romans as well invaded Egypt, she

    Ultor - Rachel's khopesh

    assassinated Julius Caesar.

Weapon of ChoiceEdit

She had a 5-feet long khopesh named 'Ultor' Roman for 'avenger' which she used to kill Caesar. It is like goldish blue with its handle the color of bronze-platinum. When it hooks off an enemy's weapon, she takes out a dagger to stab the opponent.