Terracotta Nike Evergreen
"That has got to be the worst joke ever, Carter."


Blood of the Pharaohs


Element of Air, Path of Nut


Atlas Evergreen (father), Thalassa Wixter-Evergreen (mother), Fallon Wixter-Parks (maternal aunt), Ronald Parks (maternal uncle), Chrysanthemum Parks (maternal cousin)

Date of Birth

17 February 1998





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"Elements Meet" Series

Nike Evergreen2

Nike at twelve years old

Terracotta Nike Evergreen (b. 1998) is an air-elementalist magician in the House of Life and the only child of Atlas Evergreen (deceased) and Thalassa 'Thea/Thala' Wixter and the best friend of Ariana Sareka, an Egyptian mortal who can see through the Mist. She will appear in the upcoming Kane Chronicles fanfiction series ("Elements Meet") by fanfiction writer PromptDreamer-PSAscience.



Nike was born in London, England to two magicians, one who is a combat-magician (Thalassa) and the other who is a charm-maker (Atlas), on 17 February 1998. In her childhood, a few incidents involving some magic happened around her, such as when three of her playmates teased her at the park and she had the wind knock them down, making them lose consciousness.

Just a few weeks after she celebrated her seventh birthday, her dad was killed in an accident (or so she thought).

When Nike was ten years old, she told her mum she wanted to be an astronomer when she grew up, and this is where her mum nearly revealed the truth about her before remembering she wasn't supposed to do that.

Where the Earth Meets the SkyEdit

The story starts with Nike and her mum getting ready to leave for the British Museum (one of Nike's favorite places) as an early birthday present for Nike. But their trip quickly turns into a disaster when Thala accidentally sets off an ancient Egyptian artifact, summoning demons who serve Apophis, Lord of Chaos. Though Thala is a good fighter, she is eventually captured, enraging Nike, who practically drains her powers in trying to stop the servants from leaving with her mum (though they escape in the end).

The rest has been censored for security, and will only be revealed as soon as the first book is completed then published.


Good Relationships: Thalassa Evergreen, Carter Kane, Sadie Kane, Walt Stone, Jasmine 'Jaz' Sanders, Bast, Julian Martin, Cleo Castilhos, Ariana Sareka

OK Relationships: Amos Kane, Horus, Felix Bray, Alyssa Potts, Anubis, Osiris (Julius Kane), Ruby Kane, Ra

Bad Relationships: Apophis, Isis, Janissa Avery, Heather Clarkson


Terracotta means 'earth', derived from the name Terra, which is the name of the Roman earth goddess.

Nike means 'victory'. It is the name of the Greek goddess of victory.

Evergreen is a compound word (ever + green).


- Nike hates being called Terracotta or Terra because the former is too long a name and because the latter sounds weird. According to her, it's better to have a name that's a shoe-brand rather than a strange name that means 'earth'.

- Nike is fond of classical music.

- She secretly reads about Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology.