Jillian D.-1
Jillian Paks Demonyo is a Earth Elemental Magician from Jibou Romaina. Her parents were killed by a weird demon spirit while she escaped with her brother.

Jillian's StoryEdit

Jillian was born in Jibou, Romaina. But soon after her first birthday her mother and father were killed by a weird Demon spirit. That's why someone gave her the last name "Demonyo" and the middle name "Paks". These kinds of Demons offen come to Jillian but don't hurt her. She has been poessed a number of times. After her parents were killed by the Demon Jillian and her brother (Who's name is unknown) escaped to Egypt. They sent her and her brother (Who died before he could go) to Oristano, Italy. The Demons still haunt Jillian in Italy.

About her NameEdit

Jillian means 'host' in Latin. Paks means 'Fox' and Demonyo means 'Demon'. Her parents were killed by what Jillian says was a "Fox Demon".

Her name in ArabicEdit

جيليان شيطان الثعلب