Book 3 in Power of three, a Percy Jackson Fanfiction. Book 1 in Growing Vines a Kane Chronicles Fanfiction.

[edit] Chapter One: If You Haven't NoticedEdit

[edit] Arthur's POVEdit

Honestly, If it wasn't for Carter I probably wouldn't have made it out of there alive. Whose Carter? getting ahed of myself.

So, It started when Jean, Zia and I were having a sword class at Camp.

"Alright," said Percy. "we're starting with a basic maunuever. I'll have Jean demonstrate" he turned to Jean. "Its called the Backstabber. When your opponent least expects it, drive your sword into their ba-" Percy fell to the ground. Jean pulled her sword out of his back and smiled, prodding him with her swword.

"He didn't even see it coming," she sais smiling Retrieved from ""