Hakon Phillippe
I leap, I soar...Ribbet!
The Magician of Frogs
The Amphibian Wizard
Specialty:Agility Magic and Acid Attacks
Family:Unknown Family from Ohio
Date of Birth:16-9-1997
Physical Description
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Green

Hakon is from a family in Ohio, who cherished him. He knew his heritage came from Egypt and he was related to Seti the first. He didn't know he was a magician, but when he listened to the tape Carter and Sadie gave after their adventure to wake up Ra and not being successful, Hakon wanted to join the fight, but hadn't been able to come around to it. Then, after the downfall of Chaos, Hakon's grandfather told him to go to Brooklyn. Hakon was discovered as a pretty protentious Magician. He learned about the Gods reviving from Sunny Acres and decided to learn the Path of Heket, the frog goddess.


  • Staff
  • Wand
  • Magician's Box
  • Amulet of Heket
  • Lance

Favourite GodsEdit

  • Tawaret- He admires Tawaret's compassion towards her job as carer to the Fading Gods and wishes to have compassion like her.
  • Horus- He likes the strength Horus offers to his followers and admires his passion for power.
  • Bast- He likes the way Bast is protective towards the Initiates and refers to them as "Kittens".