Billy is an ordinary boy until Carter and Sadie Kane discover him and bring him to the 20th Nome. He befriends Lily, another recruit. meanwhile, his mortal friend Bud of whom he left behind is discovered by the house of life and revealed to be daughter of Bast. Can Billy,Lily,and Bud survivre?


  • Inside Three Hearts -Also Book 3 of Power of Thre. Billy and Bud are discovered.
  • The Way the Waves Are -Bud escaped from The House of life. Billy is kidnapped by Apophis
  • An Ominous Wish -Blilly and Bud search for Lily. Meanwhile Liy is trapped in Apophis's dream Come true.
  • The Day of Chaos - As Apophis's deam comes coser to becoming reality, Lily heals the wounded and Bud and Billy try to stp it
  • Fallen- the second to last book of Growing Vines. Summary a secret


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