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Charcter Profiles:

Akirya Van 'Deuu


Sin Wind

Holly Kane (Coming Soon) (Holly is no longer going to be a major role)

Chapter OneEdit

Point~of~veiw of Cynthia Wind

My brother and I had a last "Ha" battle. I went "Ha." And he went



"Hahahaha." Dice said and so on. Finally the grummy Akirya Van 'Deuu, leader of the nome came into the room. She'd never been happy since dad left us.

"Both of you! You are stupid little children!" She growled. I frowned and stopped saying "Hahahahhahahahhhahahahhahahaha". Dice sighed.

"Aki, Stop being like this. We are allowed to have a little fun, yes?" Dice asked. He was just starting to learn English. See, We were from Russia so we spoke horrible English. I was the best. But Dice and I's favorite word by far was "Ha". Dice goes off to his bedroom. He goes there to escape from Akirya. I frown at her, "You're so horrible." I squeak and run off to my room.