Callista Reyes
Scribe of the Malibu House
Eye of Isis

Divine Words

Date of Birth:May 23, 1998
Physical Description
Hair Color:Caramel Brown
Eye Color:Light Almond

Current Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Divination: She can see into the future by; looking a stars, sky-gazing, looking at mirrors, sleeping, day dreaming, etc. She sometimes is able to see into the future on command.
  • Portal Summoning:  Callie is adequate at summoning portals. 
  • Hieroglyphic Spells: Callie has an affinity for hieroglyphic spells.
  • Transformation:She can transform herself into animals, insects, etc.
  • Forceful Transformation: Callie can transform other people into animals, insects, etc.
  • Duat Usage: Callie can summon objects from the Duat.
  • Surveillance Magic: With concentration, Callie can lower her vision into the Duat.
  • Telekinesis: Callie can move objects with her mind.
  • Telepathy: This is the art of manipulating another's mind with one's own. 
  • Scrying

Path of IsisEdit

  • Divine Words: By tapping into the power of Isis, Callie can speak Divine Words and this is one of her specialties in magic.
  • Elemental Magic: She can summon; fire, wind, earth, darkness, light. Callie even felled some opponents with blasts of shimmering wind and multicolored light.
  • Wings of Isis: By channeling the power of Isis, Callie can summon the wings of Isis. They increase the magnitude of Callie's voice by ten times because they command attention. Callie can also simultaneously perform elemental magic while using the wings of Isis.
  • Communication: Callie is able to communicate with Isis.
  • Duat Travel: Callie can take a short walk through the Duat. 

Eye of Isis AbilitiesEdit

Callie was the former host of Isis. After deciding the power of the gods was too risky to use, Callie gave up Isis until she understood magic better. Following Isis' departure from her body, Callielost the ability to speak Divine Words. However, by using divine magic, Callie has regained most of her magical powers. These are the abilities Callie could only do as the host of Isis:

Magic Sensory: Callie had the ability to sense what magic someone is going to do. She hasn't shown the ability to do this without hosting Isis.

Advanced Portal Summoning: When merged with Isis, Callie showed Isis' ability to open a portal to anywhere from anywhere during the Demon Days to the point that she was able to transport the entire Red Pyramid to Manhattan, New York . She can also summon accurate portals to places.