Aseneth Massri and the Power of Bast=====

Chapter 1Edit

I sat in my room on my bed. Everything was going wrong. My parents had disappeared, and I had no clue what to do. I was listening to the Kane Chronicles, my favorite series.
I seemed to relate to it, and I was wondering if it was possible. I had an idea. I looked at my necklace. The symbol of Bast. I opened my hand.
"Ha-di." I said. Hieroglyphics glowed in front of my face. My cd player exploded.
I gasped.
I knew what I had to do. I ran out the door. I snatched my bike, and began to head towards where Brooklyn House should be.


An hour later I stood in front of a five story mansion. I dropped my bike and sprinted to the door.
I knocked. A girl instantly answered the door.
"Hullo." She said. "Hi." I said. "I'm Aseneth Massri, and I came to Brooklyn House. I've heard your recordings." The girl nodded and ushered me in.
"I tried magic, and it worked." I told her.
"What did you do?" she asked. I
opened my hand. I pulled out my scrap paper and said, "Ha-di."
The hieroglyphics glowed and the paper exploded. "Impressive." she said.
"What did you do it on?" "My cd player." I laughed.
"Well, I'll take you to your room." she said. "Thanks, Sadie." I answered.
I was going to live my dream, for real!!

Chapter 2Edit

I awoke in a bed. Everything from the past day flung itself into my mind. I sat up,