Alex McWalter
Alex mc
"What in Ra's hot name is going on here?!"
The Lion King
Mekhit's Cub
Onuris' Prey
Specialty:Quick Magic
Nickname:The Quickie Magician
Family:Unknown Family from Utah
Date of Birth:9-1-1996
Physical Description
Hair Color:Blonde/Orange
Eye Color:Brown


Alex McWalter signed up to the House of Life shortly after the defeat of Apophis and he heard of the tape Sadie and Carter Kane had made for new initiates. He arrived in Brooklyn House and was accepted right away. He spent a day looking through the Path of different deities. He saw a scroll layed on a desk, "Mekhit, the Goddess of Lions". He decided to follow her Path. He picked up on the magic quickly and in a few weeks was able to out run our more experienced initiates with his new aray of Speed spells.


  • Staff
  • Wand
  • Magicians Box
  • Shabti Figurines

Favourite GodsEdit

  • Tawaret- He likes her because he used to care for his Mentor Goddess, Mekhit.
  • Horus- He admires Horus because he is a passionate leader, like Carter.
  • Bast- He likes her quirkieness even though she asks "Cats do not quirk!" but he admires her protectiveness.
  • Shu- He likes how the God is commanding yet understanding towards Magicians.