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Akirya was Carter's wife. She was real pretty and Sin's sister. Unlike Sin she had Auburn hair and an awesome smile. "Hi Holly, Welcome." She says,

Akirya Van 'Deuu was born to Uadjet and Jeb Van 'Deuu in Vermont, the tweleveth nome. She can take form of a cobra.

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Aki as a Sim!

Akirya's Early LifeEdit

Akirya likes to be called "Aki", We know this from when she tells Nikklette, "Akirya is a bit hard to say, eh? So I mostly go by, Aki.". Aki has a hard time being one of the only egyptian Half-Blood. She is well known by the first nome and is the best the house has to offer. Even though she is half god, she is well trusted by alot of people. She was always a happy baby and loved by her mother. Even though Bast is enimes with Aki's mother, Uadjet she still likes Aki. Aki was raised in a tribe called "Nisjs", Therefore she speaks Thai. When a psycho killer came to her village Aki's family (Although her mother lived) became prey to the killer. So then she was rescued by Zia. Soon she became a better magician then Sadie. But when Aki was sent to the twelth nome, a jealous magican got Aki sent to a "Crazy House". There, Poor Aki was tortued. Soon she escaped and went back to first nome. That is where she met Carter and they were soon engaged. She was only sixteen when she got married to Carter.


  • Uadjet - Goddess of Justice, Time, Heaven, and Hell. Takes form of a Cobra or a women with the head of a cobra.
  • Jeb Van 'Deuu - A magician, Brother of Esme. Had three children with Uadjet, Aki is the oldest.
  • Sin Van 'Deuu - Second oldest Egytian Demi-Goddess. Oldest twin of herself and Dice Van 'Deuu
  • Dice Van 'Deuu - Youngest Egytian Demi-God. Youngest Twin of himself and Sin Van 'Deuu
  • Carter Kane - Husband of Akirya Van 'Deuu

Also seeEdit

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Random ThingsEdit

  • Aki is the only one of her siblings that can't do the cobra combat magic form of a cobra
  • Aki likes to be called Aki more then Akirya
  • She is wife to Carter while her brother Dice, Is husband to Sadie.
  • She is a better magican then Zia and Sadie put togeather while Sin is even better
  • She has two children (Names Unknown!)