Anubis, who is currently being hosted by Adom.


Adom's wand.


Adom Banoub is a magician of the Seventeenth Nome.



Adom's staff.

Adom was born on June 21st 1997. His father was a mortal, and his mother was a magician of the Seventeenth Nome who, at the time, was hosting Nephthys. His mother died in childbirth, and Nephthys was sent back to the Duat. On his ninth birthday, his father mysteriously disappeared. The same day, a magician from the First Nome found him and took him back. After training for 4 years, he was sent to the Seventeenth Nome (Los Angeles).


Adom is about 5 feet tall and slim. He has dark brown eyes, black hair and brown skin, as he is Asian.


Adom is a necromancer - he can raise ghosts for a short time (although it is very tiring) and is good at Duat travel. He is hosting Anubis, although he is concealing this fact from the House of Life. He can turn his staff into a jackal, and his combat avatar is also a jackal (Anubis' sacred animal). He also is prone to prophetic dreams from the Duat.


  • Ojufemi Banoub - mother
  • Abubakar Banoub - father


  • He is hosting Anubis, and his mother was hosting Nephthys when he was born, so (as Nephthys is partially an underworld god) he has augmented necromancy abilities, nearly double that of most necromancers in the House of Life.
  • His first name, Adom, is an Egyptian name meaning 'one who receives help from the gods', and his last name, Banoub, means 'of Anubis'.